An authentic cultural experience

Helena and I wanted to express our thanks to you both for your time and teaching at the workshop. What you both offer, in terms of tuition, knowledge and access to an authentic cultural experience, is worth its weight in gold, and it was easily the highlight of our trip to Vietnam. I’m applying the lessons you taught me as we make our way through the rest of our itinerary; there’s loads of night markets and the like out here, so plenty of opportunities to practice.

Francis Brown

The United Kingdom

More than I Expected 

Alden and Trinh were able to inspire my camera work to a whole new level of creativity and technical skill. They also showed me a way to appreciate Hoi An that I hadn’t considered before. My entire journey has been transformed because of their help. After attending their Pre-dawn old town workshop I decided to revisit all the places I had already seen in Hoi An to recapture the spirit of these venues and to play around more with the available light. Having Trinh there ready to model for us on the day of the workshop provided us with an ideal subject. I would thoroughly recommend their workshops to anyone wanting more out of their travel photos. Alden even went over some image editing software used by professionals in the trade.



The Best Day in Hoi An

This tour was hands down the highlight of my time in Hoi An. We explored Old town for a few days which was beautiful but at times crowded. This tour gave us a chance to get away to see how the regular people in the Hoi An countryside live, to meet them and to learn about and experience their culture outside of the tourist scene. Without this tour I feel like I honestly would have missed out on the very reason that I traveled so far in the first place.



Great fun exploring the Old Town and a tonne of new tricks learned

I booked a morning photo walk with Alden at the last minute and could not have been happier with the outcome! Despite a drizzly start to an early day, I came away with a plethora of great photos of Hoi An. Alden and Trinh know all the great spots, are fun to chat to and hang out with and are really connected to local people. I’m fine with camera settings and the like, but loved learning a few tricks around composition. My only regret was not having more time to do a couple more walking tours with them. My recommendation: Book in a tour. You won’t regret it.

Tim Salathiel


Fantastic Experience

When (not if) I go back to Vietnam, I plan on another workshop with Alden and Trinh. I learned a lot, even though I have some experience. Alden is patient and helpful. His photo review at the end of the photo shoot unlocked the photos’ potential.

Having Trinh as a model really made the photo shoot special. She is delightful (and also very patient!). The photos I took during this workshop are by far the very best I took in Vietnam.

Teressa Otta


Excellent Workshop

Highly recommend this photography tour.
Alden and Trinh have spent time building relationships with those that we photograph on the portrait tour.
This is an Invaluable experience to be invited to each persons house where we are greeted as visitors. We are able to spend time been in the space before photographing and with the Alden & Trinh work well as a team and assist in photography techniques and communication .
From all levels of photography this is a work shop that I would recommend high on the list.

Jodie Hutchinson


Genuinely Excellent 

Got to be the most authentic experience of Hoi An and Vietnamese culture so far on my trip! These guys really introduced me to the real Vietnam and Alden shared a lot of his photography knowledge with me, a very personal touch! Thanks guys!

Steven Jacbob

The United Kingdom

Amazing Photo Tour with Alden & Trinh

Everything was perfect! They brought us to some very interesting places in old town with good light at the right moment. We definitely recommend to everyone interested in taking photos to contact Alden, you will be very happy. Very professional and friendly photographer and Trinh is a marvelous girl and gives life and elegance to the pictures.

Marie Daligands & Gilles Daligands


 Great Teacher, Great Opportunity, Great Model

I did the Portrait Workshop with Alden and Trinh and what a fabulous afternoon it turned out to be. I had limited skills and ability and a few hours with these folks changed all that. My confidence is back and I understand my camera a lot more. Alden is a patient teacher and Trinh a gorgeous model. The tips on light and understanding what you want to focus your attention on were terrific and I may even have confirmed my understanding of apertures. Thankyou both. I can’t recommend these guys more highly and hope to join another workshop next trip. As someone else said this is a great alternative to cooking classes you won’t be disappointed and you’ll get some amazing shots of Hoi An.

Danielle Devine


The Authentic Vietnam

We asked Alden for a tour in the countryside to have a “not-touristic” point of view around Hoi An. Alden and Thrin, his wonderful vietnamese assistant, picked us up with the motorbikes and started the trip. We stopped in some places that were planned before, while other times we followed the inspiration of the moment. Improvisation is part of the beauty of this tour, because you never know exactly what and who you’re going to see. 
We met many people working in the traditional way: men building boats, women weaving beautiful carpets in their private house and… above all, the hard work in the ricefields. There we met people harvesting rice, driving tractors, washing the water buffaloes at the end of their working day. The sunset and the air filled with the smoke of burning rice stalks made a perfect athmosphere to do very suggestive pictures. 
Later, we went to visit another private house, since Alden wanted to donate a printed portrait to the householder. Their ospitality was incredible – as always in Vietnam – and we’ve been invited to join the family for dinner. It was a really authentic experience, and, thanks to Thrin’s translation, we had the opportunity to listen to the story of this old fascinating man about the time of the war. 



This is amazing! 

We had just arrived in Hoi An after spending time in Hanoi and I was keen to get out to see the countryside after so much time in the city. My son had brought his old Minolta camera so a photography tour seemed like a good idea. It was so much more! Alden and Thanh were delightful company and so helpful and accomodating (especially when I lost my phone…sorry guys…hold on tight to your valuables) We visited great characters and my son had learned a little Vietnamese which made him very popular with Tan the farmer we visited. Alden gave great tips on achieving the best shots. We arrived over the bridge on our way home a little late due to retracing our route to look for my phone and lucked out with photo opps when a sea of ducks swarmed across the road causing a minor countryside traffic jam! All characters appeared wanting their pictures taken including rice workers and a lady with her water buffalo and we chatted and showed them the shots we took of them. We ended on a high. Thoroughly recommend this tour if you want to get away from the more touristy elements of Hoi An and have a taste of the real countryside and people.

Lulu Smyth & Stephen Smyth


Private Tour for Photography and Culture

If you are interested in an individualized tour of the Hoi An area that includes things like meeting and chatting with Vietnam war veterans, photographing a woman with her water buffalo among the rice fields, photographing the old town in the early morning before anyone gets up, and meeting people who really live in Hoi An, then contact Alden and Trinh. They will will customize a day or two for you specific to your interests in Vietnam. And, I promise, you’ll have the BEST day of your trip.

Sally Angel


Individual People Photography Workshop

Doing this photography workshop will definitely enhance your skills as an photographer. Alden is a knowledgeable and patience teacher. He is not only passioned about photography, but also the people he captures and the ones he teaches. Having Trinh there with you is like a bundle of light, even more gorgeous to photograph. 

Don’t doubt and book a tour with these lovely people.

Chantal Kujiper

The Netherlands

A Must-do in Hoi An

If you have an inkling of an interest in photography then this tour is an absolute must for you! 

Alden & Trien provide a fantastic personalized service, from riding along their scooters to discovering hidden gems in the Hoi An countryside. Far away from your regular tourists we got to visit quaint local villages, farmers, captured some overhead bridge shots, and along the way random stops to anything and everything that looked interesting.

Naeem Knysna

South Africa

Early Morning Photo Tour

Booked in at the last minute and Alden was happy to fit me in.
I have not much photography knowledge but that didnt matter as i still got some great photos thanks to Aldens tips. I now have a new interest.

Recommend this to anyone who wants to do something else than a cooking class.

Steven Bently



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