Focus – Fishing Village Photography

As the first rays of sunlight ripple across the water, boat after boat loaded up with fresh fish from a night out on the ocean, dock at the harbor. The scene is a bustle of activity as the fishermen unload their boats and the selling begins. It’s a hectic scene full of commotion and at times emotional highs of heated conversation. A buyer shouts something in Vietnamese as an elderly woman takes of her sandal and throws it at her. Through the commotion, Trinh translates what’s going on. It’s another day in the traditional fishing village on the outskirts of Hoi An.

An Overview of the Sunrise Photo Tour

The morning starts with a pre-dawn pick-up from your hotel in Hoi An. On the ride to the fishing village, we will have an overview of the camera basics. This is a basis for lots more instruction and tips throughout the morning.
An early start affords us the best light of the day. For the first part of the workshop, we will focus on capturing the action with the fish being unloaded and sold or placed on ice. Instruction is focused on the scenes we are shooting, technical as well as artistic tips to improve your photography. And of course, there will be time to settle down to enjoy a cup (or 3) of Vietnamese coffee. Having Trinh as our Vietnamese cultural guide means we can speak to the people and connect in a way that you just can’t do as a foreigner on your own. 

Gourmet Breakfast – Photograph the Farmers

Enjoy gourmet coffee straight from the roastery along with world famous Banh Mi delivered fresh from Hoi An.  
After breakfast, we will focus on portrait and lifestyle photography of local farmers and craftsmen. Sometimes as a foreigner it can be hard to really connect with the local Vietnamese people. With Trinh as our Vietnamese guide, you can break that barrier and really connect with the people. As we interact with the people it will also lead to specific instruction on how to photograph them. 
  • Meet: Hotel Pickup 
  • Time: 4:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Transportation: Air conditioned car/van
  • Included: Transport, Gourmet Breakfast & Fresh Roasted coffee


“Our goal with Hoi An 360 is not only to teach you photography and take to the best places to shoot in and around Hoi An, but to also do some good for the local community. This is why we always work to give back to the local people on a personal basis. Whether it is pictures for the local fisherman, rice for someone in need, presents on Tet, or financial support, we are always working to support and enrich the lives of those that we photograph. When you do a photo tour or workshop with us, you are directly supporting the people of Hoi An.”


Alden Anderson & Trinh Nguyen – Hoi An 360

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