Portrait Photography Workshop

The Workshop

Focus – People Photography

Our Hoi An Portrait Photography workshop focuses on the specific techniques for capturing portraits of people that tell their story. We will start the workshop in an open outdoor area surrounded by ancient temples, affording us many colors, textures, and architectural features to practice shooting. Trinh will be our subject to start practice with, wearing the traditional Vietnamese dress (ao dai) and conical hat (non la). We will start by discussing the technical settings on your camera that have the most impact on portraiture. The next step is the composition and artistic lessons to improve your people photography. This is all done in a controlled setting with time and an area to practice taking pictures as you learn these techniques.

Photograph the Locals

The second portion of this Portrait Photography Workshop will focus on capturing the locals in their work environment. You will now have the chance to practice what you’ve learned in the real world and capture great people shots. We will walk around a small neighborhood on the outskirts of Hoi An, away from the tourist areas where the locals live and work traditionally.
It is here where you can start thinking more about the people’s story and working on telling it through your photography. With Trinh, we can also really connect with the people we photograph, in a way that only Vietnamese can.
The ONLY Hoi An Photography Workshop that focuses exclusively on Portrait Photography!
If you want to dramatically improve your people photography, this is the workshop for you!

Portrait Photography Techniques

Some of the topics that we will cover:
  • Using available light to get beautiful portraits.
  • Metering and how to expose for natural light portraits.
  • Learning to see light as a photographer.
  • The fundamentals of light; its direction, quality and color.
  • Composition in portrait photography.
  • Which camera settings are best for portrait photography.
  • An introduction to artificial light in photography.
  • Connecting with your subject for a more natural portrait
  • Meet: Hotel Pickup (in Hoi An)
  • Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm 
  • Transportation: On foot


“Our goal with Hoi An 360 is not only to teach you photography and take to the best places to shoot in and around Hoi An, but to also do some good for the local community. This is why we always work to give back to the local people on a personal basis. Whether it is pictures for the local fisherman, rice for someone in need, presents on Tet, or financial support, we are always working to support and enrich the lives of those that we photograph. When you do a photo tour or workshop with us, you are directly supporting the people of Hoi An.”


Alden Anderson & Trinh Nguyen – Hoi An 360

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