Hoi An Old Town

Photo Tour & Workshop

Hoi An photo Tour

Focus – Historic Old Town Hoi An

Our most popular Hoi An Photo Tour! We will focus on capturing beautiful shots around historic Hoi An old town. With Trinh wearing the traditional Vietnamese clothing (ao dai and non la), you will have a unique opportunity to capture stunning shots of quintessential Vietnam, something unique to Hoi An 360. The white ao dai contrasts and compliments the vibrant yellow walls of the city.
Having a subject to shoot, we will have time to discuss camera settings and composition without the stress of a fleeting moment.

Learn – Your Camera & Composition

We will meet near the iconic old Japanese bridge and begin with an overview and discussion of your camera and how to use the various settings. You will have the opportunity to practice what we discuss; shutter speed, aperture, focus etc. It’s important to learn this and see the results right away in a creatively nurturing environment without pressure.
The next step as we move around old town will focus on composition and learning to see creatively. We will walk through narrow alleys and past old buildings. The possibilities are many and we will discuss and practice the three basic rules of every good picture

Refining Your Technique – Review

As we walk around Old Town Hoi An, in addition to taking pictures of our very own photographic subject Trinh, we will also have the chance to take pictures of locals going about their business. Vietnamese on bicycles wearing their non la (conical hat), sellers at the market and other locals who we’ve gotten to know well. Trinh is our link to the locals of Hoi An and can help you connect with the people in a way that is virtually impossible for a foreigner.
Finally, we will settle at a coffee shop and review the morning. We will have a chance to review pictures and discuss composition and camera setting further as well as an overview of post-processing techniques on both Lightroom and mobile apps.
  • Meet: Japanese Covered Bridge in Old Town
  • Time: 5:00 am – 8:00 am
  • Camera/Skill: All Cameras & Skill Levels (cell phones are ok)
  • Fee: $55/person $39  #666666