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Focus – Culture, People & Photography

With our hearts for Vietnamese culture in addition to photography, we combine the two, to bring you a deeper understanding of the culture, life, and people in the countryside of Vietnam.
It is not just about traveling and taking pictures, but it is also about exploring, experiencing and learning about Vietnam and the people who make this country what it is. The hardworking farmers and craftsmen that embody the spirit and charm of Vietnam. This is the best, most authentic and personal Hoi An Photo Tour available.

Connect – Break the Barrier

Truly connect with your subjects and shoot more intimate photographs that capture the spirit of the people.
Sometimes as a foreigner there is a wall between us and the local people. A language and cultural barrier that separates us in our two worlds. We believe in working to break down that wall and having an authentic interaction and understanding of the people we meet and spend time with.
So, in addition to learning photography, we will have Trinh on every tour to facilitate the connection with the locals. In this way, we can interact with them on a much more personal level, leading to better portraits.

Refine – Photography Technique

When we interact with and photograph the people we encounter it will lead to instruction on specific photographic techniques. Here is where you can refine and hone in on your style. Learn specific technical and artistic lessons that help you realize your vision and communicate that with your photography.
.If you want to get out of the tourists areas around Hoi An, see and interact with the Vietnamese people on a deeper level, all while learning photography with many opportunities to capture beautiful pictures….this tour is for you!
  • Meet: Hotel Pickup 
  • Time: 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Fee: $95 (per person, with group of four)
  • Transportation: Motorbikes (Included) / Car option available


“Our goal with Hoi An 360 is not only to teach you photography and take to the best places to shoot in and around Hoi An, but to also do some good for the local community. This is why we always work to give back to the local people on a personal basis. Whether it is pictures for the local fisherman, rice for someone in need, presents on Tet, or financial support, we are always working to support and enrich the lives of those that we photograph. When you do a photo tour or workshop with us, you are directly supporting the people of Hoi An.”


Alden Anderson & Trinh Nguyen – Hoi An 360

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