Hoi An 360 was created by Alden Anderson after 6 months of traveling around Vietnam and more than two years of travelling around the world. He fell in love with the culture and beauty of Vietnam, deciding to settle in the the old town of Hoi An.

An ever inquisitive explorer at heart Alden is always curious. Curious about what lies on the other side of the mountain or the other side of the world. He loves to connect with people and discover how they live and to try and understand their culture and way of life. It shows in his photography as well as the stories of his subjects. This desire to explore and learn about the world has taken him to the snow swept plateaus of New Foundland to the towering peaks surounding Mount Everest

At 12 years old that budding curiosity lead him to start learning about photography, picking up an old Minolta SLR he was soon documenting the kids at his school going about their daily lives, under the tutelage of working professional photographers.

By 18 Alden was traveling around the world on a video documentary team, from maximum security prisons in South Africa to the streets of Tokyo and the Sydney Opera House he gained valuable lessons in photography, video and in life.

In his 20s he worked as a freelance photographer and began a career in the film industry in Los Angles, utilizing his artistic eye and visual mind. He has worked as a Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer, Visual Effects Artist and Producer on live performances, TV shows and major Hollywood movies and in 2009 he won an Emmy award for his outstanding visual effects work on ESPN.

While he loved his career, the desire to see the world and learn about the culture and history of far off lands never left him. And so in 2016 he decided to leave his job and set off on a journey around the world, which eventually brought him to Vietnam. And the rest is history…