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Photography Tours and Workshops for all Skill Levels

At Hoi An 360 we cater to you, no matter your skill level as a photographer. For the beginner, receive invaluable lessons on the basics of photography, for the intermediate and advanced receive valuable tips and tricks, as well as access the best places to shoot in and around Hoi An.


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Hoi An Old Town Photo Tour

We offer a range of workshops depending on your interests and skill level. Our most popular workshop is the Hoi An Old Town Photo Tour, where you will get a chance to see the beautiful yellow-walled town in a new light. A Vietnamese woman in a non la and ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) will join us giving you the opportunity to capture quintessential Vietnam while learning about the technical as well as the more artistic side to photography at a pace that suits you.

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Intermediate and Advanced

Want to improve your people photography? We offer a portrait and lifestyle workshop where you will learn more advanced techniques for shooting people. We also over various photography tours around the small villages surrounding Hoi An where you can meet and photograph the local people and get more of an understanding of their lives. In these workshops you will gain more of an understand of how to approach and interact with subjects even when you cannot speak the same language. Learn valuable professional techniques and refine your photography.

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